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Blizzard se rend bien compte qu'à l'heure actuelle, et même si les chiffres de viewers lors des tournois populaires sont plus que respectables, que regarder un match StarCraft II est plutôt compliqué pour les non-inités. Les développeurs ont donc planché ces derniers mois sur l'amélioration de l'interface afin de permettre aux commentateurs et observateurs de modifier l'interface afin d'améliorer l'expérience visuelle.

Blizzard a présenté quelques-unes des nouveautés (Blue Tracker - Forums officiels) et vous allez voir que c'est du lourd ! Ces modifications seront déployées dans le patch 2.0, c'est-à-dire avec Heart of the Swarm en mars prochain.

One of our goals for Heart of the Swarm is to make watching StarCraft II more awesome for the viewers. The new User Interface features in Patch 2.0 are focused on giving tools to the caster, observer and production crews so they can create even more epic broadcast experiences.

We've upgraded these core observer features:
  • Leaderboard entries can be clicked to focus the camera on that unit or structure
  • Added leaderboard tabs for Structures and Upgrades
  • Units under attack now flash white in the minimap, making it easier to see when action is happening off screen
  • Status bars can be set to “team colored” to better differentiate between two armies in combat
  • Status bars can be set to only appear when a unit’s life or energy are not at full
  • All observer UI in 1v1 matches now has the concept of “side”; which side the players appear on can be toggled via hotkey

We've added support for SC2Interface mods:

SC2Interfaces are an entirely new feature that enables observers to watch the game using a completely custom User Interface. They exist within the Interfaces folder within the respective Documents folder for the logged in player (next to Saves and Replays)

These archives function as a lightweight type of mod capable of adjusting the User Interface for the local player. They don’t modify or change the game in any way for other players. You can use the custom interface with any match or replay you observe.

Some examples of what you can do with custom SC2Interface mods:
  • Re-position, hide, resize, and reskin any part of the StarCraft II ui
  • Create new observer ui panels that show gameplay data in real time
  • Put your own ui textures (frames, logos, icons, etc) into your interface, along with custom text labels
  • Create toggle hotkeys for any part of the interface
  • Load standardized Options settings - never again forget to have the clock on and the tooltips off
  • Have different UIs for the casters and observers
More information on Observer Interface mods is available here in a separate forum post.

Detailed breakdown of new user interface features:

Leader Panel
  • Structures Tab – (hotkey T): This panel shows the structures owned by each player.
  • Upgrades Tab – (hotkey G): This panel shows the upgrades researched by each player. For upgrades that contain more than one level, only the highest level upgrade will be shown.
  • Mouse Click Support for Units/Structures/Production Tabs: Clicking on an icon will select and move the camera to that unit. If multiple units of the same type exist, continued clicks will cycle through all units of that type.

  • Attacked units flash white for Observers: This change makes it easier to notice combat on the minimap and should help observers detect drops or simultaneous base attacks.
  • Nuclear Launches and Nydus Canals create pings for Observers viewing Everyone: This change makes it easier to detect and locate these events when they occur.

  • Show Unit Status Bars Option: The pulldown in Gameplay Options Panel has a new entry that only shows Damaged Units (Not at full health, energy, or shields). This helps remove UI clutter when lots of units are on screen and ensures only important information is being displayed.
  • Team Colored Life Status Bars Option: A checkbox has been added in the Gamplay Options Panel that will make health bars render using the player’s color. This helps visually identify health bars when lots of units are on screen.
  • Observer Interface Option: A pulldown has been added in the Gameplay Options Tab under the User Interface section for selecting which SC2Interface file to use. A SC2Interface file is a mod that will be loaded whenever observing a game or replay. Its primary purpose is to modify layout\asset\gamestrings files in order to make a custom User Interface for observing games. This option will scan the Interfaces folder and let you select which one to use when observing a game.
  • Versus Mode Side Toggle: Added a hotkey (Control + X) to flip sides that players appear in various pieces of UI when watching a Versus Mode game (1v1). By default the player with the left most start location will appear on the left in the User Interface. This toggle will affect the Player Name Panel, any Player Stat Panel, the Resource Panel, or any Frame that derives from PlayerFrame.

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