Liste non officielle des bugs du patch 3.0 de StarCraft II

Arkentass | 07/10/2015 à 17h30 - 9

Chaque mise à jour de contenu apporte également son lots de soucis, StarCraft II ne faisant pas exception à la règle. Avexyli, dans ce message sur Reddit, répertorie les différents bugs découverts avec le patch 3.0 jusqu'à présent. N'hésitez pas à indiquer dans les commentaires ceux que vous auriez trouvé s'ils sont absents de cette liste.
  • Sometimes spamming the Arcade Open Games refresh button will cause it to load infinitely until you reload the tab.
  • In some mods the mineral saturation rate is still 24 and appears red at 25, if there's a way to modify what appears as the saturation rate in the editor please let us know where to find it. - Still seems like HoTS uses /24 too. For modders here's how to change the number appearing over your nexus - thanks to Veev777
  • Prologue missions give me about 15-20fps on all settings where multiplayer, customs, etc give me about 120+, possible optimization problems in the prologue. Have yet to see the other campaigns yet.
  • Editor cliffs seem to be horribly bugged, and doodads that were on cliffs were boosted up in height.
  • SC2 still seems to grab too many cores at once when loading, both editor and ingame, and drives the CPU and disk to insane stress - causing horrible lag (this has been a problem since before even W10s release, but it's gotten worse since, and 3.0 has made it worse still). Please read this for a little bit of help regarding this issue. This too, posted by Blizz's Araxom!
  • In the chat channel, you cannot /leave a whisper conversation, or I do not see an obvious way to do so.
  • Mouse Sensitivity no longer shows a percentage value
  • There's occasional errors in match history, seems like it only applies to much older games - but haven't found the cause.
  • There are pretty heavy fps drops when switching tabs - primarily TO the matchmaking tab (such as arcade to multiplayer, or campaign to multiplayer), and inbetween it (such as from ranked to unranked)
  • Sometimes team management in lobby is incorrect - for example, when loading a 4 player map, the default "Teams" bar says "2 Teams" - yet has all 4 slots ready for a FFA, and caused a bug upon loading. Going to see if this is true for other modes as well.
  • Players in chat sometimes do not appear after you leave a game. Seems the only way to fix this is by restarting.
  • Game crashed after a test game of starbow - black screen but with continuing sound (had a process failure with sc2). Not sure if a unique incident or if it may be an actual bug. Happened after winning and clicking score screen with the S hotkey.
  • There are some reports of names being cut off from the new loading screen art - perhaps string GUI dimmensions are not big enough.
  • The multiplayer map pool is incorrect (it's choosing maps from last season)
  • With the new description preview in the map pool, it feels inconsistent to see maps with fleshed out decsriptions like Vaani Research Station compared to the "This map was a TLMC5 winner made by ___". Not really a bug.. but.. kind of an issue - aesthetically it's a little weird.
  • Not a bug, but why don't you make Open Games the default tab for Custom Games as you did arcade? Feels inconsistent in terms of menu management.
  • In the editor, editor suffixes were removed for the Protoss and Space Platform geysers, and there is no way to tell the difference between the high and low resource mineral patches (you can see it in the editor, one has a 750 behavior and the other 1500) but there's no way to see it it under the unit module. I highly recommend adding a suffix there for mapmakers.

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