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Liste des astuces affichées au chargement

All tips from the loading screen      

1. Press Ctrl + F to center the camera on a recent event, such as a combat warning or a recently created unit.
2. You can store a unit selection by pressing Ctrl + 1. Press 1 to recall the selection.
3. Press TAB to cycle through different types of selected units, making it easier to use their abilities.
4. Units on higher ground can attack without endangering themselves. To counter this, gain vision of the attackers by running up ramps or bringing air units.
5. Xel'Naga Towers provide vision across a large area. Stand a unit near a Xel'Naga Tower to control it.
6. Destructible Rocks can be destroyed to open up new paths.
7. Your starting area will eventually run out of resources. Expand to new resource locations to secure additional income.
8. Expanding to a new resource location early in a game is risky, but the extra income is sometimes worth the risk.
9. Weapon and armor upgrades affect existing and future units, so their benefits quickly add up over the course of longer games.
10. The key to a strong economy is constantly training SCVs, Probes, or Drones.
11. It takes 3 SCVs, Probes, or Drones to optimally harvest a Mineral Field or Vespene Geyser.
12. You can use control groups to train units without even looking at your base.
13. You can select all nearby units of a given type by double-clicking on a unit, or by holding CTRL and clicking on a unit.
14. Rich Mineral Fields are yellow, and can be harvested faster than normal Mineral Fields.
15. To win a multiplayer game, destroy all enemy structures or be the last player still in the game.
16. Achievements are online trophies for accomplishing various goals in the game. View your profile to see what achievements you can earn.
17. Weapons that list damage as "vs Armored: 5" do a total of 5 damage to targets that are considered Armored.
18. Cloaked or burrowed units cannot be attacked unless spotted by a detector, such as a Raven, Observer, or Overseer.
19. Detectors like Ravens, Observers, and Overseers can spot the difference between Protoss Hallucinations and real units.
20. If you have a microphone, you can hold down the TILDE key to talk to your allies.
21. Press Ctrl + Maj + F to have the game follow a selected unit as it moves across the battlefield.
22. SCVs can be used to repair buildings or mechanical units. The more SCVs repairing, the faster the repair is complete.
23. Use several SCVs to keep vital defenses or combat units alive during a fight.
24. Use Medivacs to support large infantry groups. Use their transport abilities to take infantry behind enemy lines for surprise attacks.
25. Hellions do damage in a straight line with their flame thrower. Get close to packs of enemies to maximize your damage.
26. Siege Tanks cannot fire at units that get too close. Put other units or structures in front of your Siege Tanks to keep the enemy back.
27. Reapers can jump up and down short cliffs. Use them to scout the enemy or make surprise attacks against their workers.
28. Place Supply Depots in narrow areas to block enemy access to your base. Lower them when you want to leave.
29. Use Stim Packs to make your infantry more dangerous in battle. Use Medivacs to heal the damage done by Stim Packs.
30. Orbital Command Centers can call-down MULEs to gather additional resources. Use MULEs every chance you get.
31. Building extra Barracks, Factories, and Starports enbles you to train more troops at a time.
32. Once started, Protoss structures construct themselves, freeing up the Probe to do other things.
33. You can rapidly train Probes by using the Nexus' Chrono Boost ability on the Nexus itself.
34. Warp Gates allow you to rapidly train units at any location where you have power.
35. Stalkers can blink to anyplace that you can see. Use fliers to see up cliffs to gain access to high ground areas.
36. Void Rays do more damage the longer they fight the enemy. Try to protect your Void Rays so they can get to full power.
37. A Colossus can walk up short cliffs. Use this ability to protect your Colossus or to make surprise attacks.
38. Sentries can create Force Fields to block movement. Use them to keep enemies out of your base, or to block the approach of melee units.
39. Sentries can create Hallucinations that look like your units. Use them to confuse or distract the enemy from your real units.
40. High Templars do a lot of damage with their Psi Storm ability. Try to use up all of their energy before merging them into Archons.
41. Immortals have a special shield that reduces attacks to 10 points of damage. Use them against powerful units like Siege Tanks or Ultralisks.
42. Building extra Gateways, Stargates, and Robotics Facilities enbles you to train more troops at a time.
43. A Drone is used up every time you make a Zerg structure. Be sure to replace those Drones to maintain your income.
44. Select a Hatchery and right-click on a Mineral Field to cause newly trained Drones to automatically harvest minerals.
45. Zerg units move more quickly on creep. Spread creep wherever you can to speed up your forces.
46. Queens can cause Hatcheries to spawn additional larva. Build one Queen per Hatchery and use the ability as often as possible.
47. Roaches regenerate very quickly while burrowed. Burrow your wounded Roaches so they can regenerate and then return to battle.
48. Use Mutalisks to attack undefended enemy workers. When the enemy comes to defend, fly away and attack elsewhere.
49. If you need more Larvae to train troops more rapidly, build additional Hatcheries.
50. Infestors and upgraded Roaches can move while burrowed. Use this ability to infiltrate enemy territory unobserved.
51. Infestors can use Neural Parasite to control enemy units. Use this on dangerous enemies like Siege Tanks and Colossus.
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