Patch 2.0.1 pour StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

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Le patch 2.0.1 pour StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm est désormais disponible pour les beta testeurs. Comme prévu, il pèse 3,8 GB et contient un grand nombre de nouveautés !


  • New Menu Screens

    • Revamped overall UI layout, art, and graphic style.

    • More detailed information on these changes can be found here.

  • Clans Support Added

    • Clan tags are now pre-pended to character names of all players who join a clan.

    • More detailed information on Clan Support can be found here.

  • Leveling System

    • Players now earn XP when playing Ranked and Unranked matchmaking games or when playing Custom Games on Blizzard melee maps.

    • As players earn XP they will progress in level, with a maximum level of 20 for each race.

    • Decals and portraits are rewarded through the leveling system.

    • More detailed information on the leveling system can be found here.

  • Physics effects on the battlefield have been greatly enhanced.

    • Death animations have been updated for many units.

    • Ragdoll physics now cause units to get blasted away from explosions more naturally.

    • After being killed, units can now fall off cliff edges, into caverns, etc.

  • Improved Score Screen and Added Stats

    • Experience Tab: Added a Score Screen tab that tracks XP gains and leveling progress.

    • Performance Tab: Now tracks gameplay performance stats such as Average Float and Combat Efficiency, and displays lifetime averages and values for the current match.

    • Added a “Play Again” button to the post-game Score Screen.

    • Race Report: Added a profile section that tracks performance by race for each matchup.

    • Map Report: Added a profile section that tracks performance on each ladder map.

User Interface

  • Custom Games

    • Many drop-down filters are now consolidated into side navigation.

    • Merged Join Game and Create Game screens into a single page.

  • Moved all party displays and controls into the Party Chat window.

  • Updated the Profile Summary screen to include progress UI for the new leveling system.

  • Updated loading screens with new background images, more clearly displayed player names, and the overhead map.

  • New Copy Link buttons have been added, which automatically copy certain pages in-game to the clipboard, allowing players to share them with others via clickable links in chat or on the web. When clicked, these links will navigate to the in-game page.

  • In-Game UI Polish

    • Moved the Main Menu and Help buttons above the command card.

    • Achievements and Message Log menus are now accessible via the Main Menu.

    • Added a Select Army Units button next to the Idle Worker button.

  • Unit Status bar settings have been added to the Gameplay Options screen.

    • Show Unit Status Bars – Damaged: Show only status bars for units that are below max health or energy.

    • Team Colored Status Bars: Status bar border frames match each player’s team color.

Observer Mode

  • Leader Panel

    • Added Structure tab and Upgrades tab.

    • Observers can now click Leader Panel icons to center the game camera on a unit or structure.

    • Clicking multiple times cycles through units of the same type.

  • Minimap

    • Attacked units now flash white for the observer.

    • Nuclear Launch and Nydus Canals now create pings on the minimap for observers.

  • Versus Mode Side Toggle

    • Added a hotkey (Control-X) that flips the side on which players appear in various parts of the UI when watching a 1v1 Versus Mode game.

    • By default, the player with the leftmost start location will appear on the left in the user interface.


  • The latest balance changes can be found in our Balance Update threads in the Beta Discussion forum.

Bug Fixes

  • A full list of documented game and service bugs can be found in our Known Issues sticky in the Beta Bug Report forum.

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